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Image by Anshu A
Image by Kate Remmer
Sourdough Lessons
Tips & Tricks to Help

From einkorn to other kinds of heritage wheat to local store flours, you can master the art of authentic Sourdough Bread baking using Live Starter. I've made this lesson plan available at no cost for my family and friends' baking adventures. Broken into CHAPTERS for ease of returning to a specific topic, like Starter, Folding, Proofing, etc.

I've been baking bread for nearly 40 years, but my attempts at Sourdough have proved quite frustrating over the past 8 years. I visited many bakeries advertising Sourdough Bread, only to find myself disappointed. When visiting our kids in Alaska last year, they took us to a local bakery that uses real LIVE STARTER, no yeast, in their loaves of bread. We were hooked, and I had to reproduce this incredible taste and look of authentic Sourdough Bread.

I have gone from a pretty complicated process to an enjoyable Sourdough experience with several hundred hours of research behind me. Several family members and friends are making Sourdough bread for the first time and loving it. In this Sourdough Bread Lessons video, my son Judah is making his 2nd loaf.

Websites I purchase these supplies from
Wheat berries, beginning starter, flours & equipment:

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