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Image by Ernest Porzi

Preserved Lemons

Using just lemons and salt, it is quite easy to make a delicious preserve that can be added to soups, salad dressings and a variety of dishes. It also goes great with my homemade hummus recipe.


Take your Meyer lemons and cut off the ends.  Then scour the lemons in sections of four without cutting all the way through.  Once done, stuff the middle of the lemon with a tablespoon of salt. Place lemons, as many as will fit, into the jar you are using.  Pack them in as tightly as possible, don't be afraid of them being squished.  If you want the jar completely full, cut a lemon in half or quarters, coat in salt and place tightly on top.

After two days, if the juice from the lemons doesn't cover the top of the lemons themselves, juice some more lemons until covered. Ensure that the lemons are always covered by the juice by placing a weight to keep them under the liquid.

Leave the jars of lemons on a counter for a week, shaking daily as the salt will rest on the bottom of the jar. After a week place the jar into the fridge, the brine is now ready to use.  Add spices to your lemons to your own taste to create brine and preserves for baking, salad dressing, marinades, etc... 

After a month, the lemons themselves are now ready to use.  Chopped up finely in breads, dips, sauces, etc.. the possibilities are limitless. 

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