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Image by Arjun Kapoor


Whacking the Seeds Out

Pomegranates are unique with their delicious and bright seeds, the hard rind and the difficult to remove pith.  As beautiful as they are, the bright red seeds can be a painful and time-consuming mess.  Learn how to quickly and easily de-seed a pomegranate and maybe destress too!


Take a ripe pomegranate and scour it with a knife around the circumference of the fruit. when done, twist and the pomegranate will separate into two halves. after separating take a bowl and a wooden spoon or small mallet and whack the skin of the pomegranate.  you will soon have a bowl of beautiful Lucious seeds. If there is a large amount of pith in the bowl of seeds, soak in water for 2-3 minutes and the particles will float to the top where you can sift them out.

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