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Image by Adam Dachis

Bone Broth

For Healthy Families

Bone broth, a health-boosting food packed full of nutrition. For generations families around the world have made bone broth as a staple to promote health. Making organic bone broth will serve you well. Promote gut health, digestion, improve joint health and boost your immune system.


2-3 lbs of Lamb or Beef Bones

2 gallons of water 

2 large onions

2 bulbs of garlic 

1 large yam

4 large carrots 

3-4 sticks celery 

2 leeks

4-5 bay leaves

1-2 tbsp apple cider vinegar

salt, peppercorns and French Provence to taste


Simmer ingredients for 12 hours. then place in oven at 275 degrees overnight  (or for 8-12 hours).  Try to get as close to a 24 hour broth as possible. Strain the broth. Use for stews, soups, or freeze

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