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Why I Love Einkorn

and where to get your wheat

I have been making bread for nearly 30 years and have purchase organic winter red and white wheat, as well as organic soft white. Because of my growing concern with hybridization and my further discovery of the ancient grain einkorn, my family is now enjoying a healthier and ‘great tasting’ bread’.

Einkorn is an ancient grain and the first form of cultivated wheat thousands of years ago. Through hybridization of two wild grasses many years after einkorn wheat, emmer
wheat was created. Consequently, emmer has 4 sets of chromosomes. Spelt is the result of hybridization between cultivated emmer and another wild grass and so contains six sets of chromosomes. Modern wheat is a descendent of spelt. At present, there is no genetically modified wheat on the market, but extensive hybridization has removed the true identity of what was once a pure and healthy wheat, which constituted the main portion of an everyday meal. 




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